We've said it before, and we'll say it again... we love good ol' data. 

What we love even more is multiple golden data nuggets, from some of the biggest and best data and analytics providers out there, rolled up into one sharp and interesting story, about one of our favourite topics, the EU Technology market.

Far from the static infographic of yester-year, this dynamic, clickable and scrollable data-filled and stats packed report from Atomico is the Rolls Royce of reports that we've seen this year.

And the best part, it actually contains some positive news, which let's face it, is something we're all craving right now.

It also uncovers some of the inevitable challenges that EU Tech companies faced in 2020... 

We're certainly looking forward to helping some big names, and new names in the EU Tech space navigate these challenges and help uncover new opportunities into 2021.

But, for now, if you wanna get your inner data-geek on, check out the full report with the link below. Go on, treat yourself!